Welcome to QuakeVoid

This blog is intended as a helpful support point for new players wishing to get in to Quake One, as we all an old players wanting to relive some of the thrills and spills of their youth. Although we try to ensure that all the information is as current and accurate as possible, inevitably mistakes will happen and if you do spot any errors please let us know.


How to install, troubleshoot and run a simple Quake client

Installing Quake Via Steam

How to make a simple Quake Video


Quake Map Reference – Standard ID maps, Custom Maps

Custom Map Pack Downloads…

FFA NewYork Server http://quaketastic.com/files/multiplayer/maps/MapPack_ffany.zip

NewDM Server http://quaketastic.com/files/multiplayer/maps/MapPack_newdm.zip

Shmack Server Maps http://quaketastic.com/files/multiplayer/maps/MapPack_ShmackRQ.zip

Slide Mod Maps http://quaketastic.com/files/multiplayer/maps/MapPack_Slide.zip

RQuake Coop Server Maps http://quaketastic.com/files/multiplayer/maps/MapPack_rquake2full.7z


Getting Started with RuneQuake

Small Mod Compilation (SMC) by Seven

Project : Deadzone2


Talisa’s HD Textures for Single Player Maps:
Over on NextGenQuake.com before it’s cancellation Talisa and Qazzaz worked hard on producing and collating a collection of great HD textures that will help to enhance your  playing experience when playing single player maps. For more information please see a copy of some of their work at the following URL:  https://quakevoid.wordpress.com/hd-textures-for-sp-quake-maps/


One of the most under used modes of plan in Quake these days is the multiplayer feature. In this section we try to help players get the resources they need and get playing as easily as possible.

Finding games online: Polarite’s Quick Console Server List
FAQ – Damage, FFANY, New York, Bigfoot, and Flanders servers New York Quake Servers Overview
Rcon command List Quake Magic servers
Tremor / Out of Time

Read the experiences of a hopeless newbie’s foray in to the world of Game Development as he tries to to try and put together a simple FPS. Read more…

Note: As a result of the very sad demise of http://www.NextGenQuake.com website in November 2019, due to circumstances beyond my control, the main content has been ported to this site as a temporary backup. I would like to thank Mad Gypsy for putting up such a cool and well managed site and wish him the best for his future endeavours.

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