Quake Map Reference – Custom Maps

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Quake Maps

To try and help players identify some recommended and challenging maps we have listed below a few good examples that can be downloaded on line and played on servers such as NewYork.serveQuake.com. To improve load times we’ve seperated the maps by size and are working through all the maps to try and provide download links shortly.




Crocodile Tears (croctear)


Download Map
Vote Command: [Not yet available]
6-10 players

q1shw_2 q1shw_3
q1shw_4 q1shw_1
DM3 Again
Download Map
Vote Command: [Not yet available]
4-8 players
dm3again_2 dm3again_1
dm3again_3 dm3again_4
GenDM2gendm2_1 GenDm1gendm1_1
Fragtown 5
Frag Town 6 (fragtwn6)fragtwn6_1 Frag Town 7 (fragtwn7.bsp)fragtwn7_1
Electric Fish DM2 (EFDM2)efdm2_1 Electric Fisk DM10 (EFDM10)efdm10
ELKDM2elkdm2_1 Factory3factory3_1 EDCedc_1
DRANZDM7dranzdm7_1 DranzDM6dranzdm6_1
DazDM11dazdm11_1 DAZDM12dazdm12_1
ALKDM04alkdm04_1 DaMaul 7damaul7_1
Ultraviolence (Ultrav)ultrav_1 XNTrickxntrick_1 ZTNDM5ztndm5_1
SOFDM1sofdm1_1 Sine V2spinev2_1 Sanitysanity_1
RFrf_1 rtzrtz_1 Q1Edgeq1edge_1
PowderKegpkeg1_1 Lacrimalacrima_1 E1M5 Duel
Northnorth_1 KIKDM3kikdm3_1 JNDDM6jndm6_1
HIPDM1hipdm1_1 SOFDM3sofdm3_1 Summersummer_1
Spearspear_1 ZTNDM3ztndm3_1 STNDM6ztndm6_1
Lilithlilith_1 Hip3M4hip3m4_1 RCDM7rcdm7_1

Credit for some of the images should go to slot, Sole, Baker and anyone else involved.

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