New York Quake Servers

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Quake

New York, New York (so good they named it twice…)

In 2013 a series of Quake servers were put up in the New York area to cater for East Coast USA, cross Atlantic Matches and providing something a little different from the norm. The server runs multiple ports on and multiple Quake mods to try and cater for all tastes and preferences.

Server Admins: Polarite, =peg=, and Mr,Burns.
Server Owner: The mighty Polarite (all hail)

Port 26000: Free for All New York (FFANY)

For all intents and purposes this is a USA version of the european Bigfoot server. It has multiple custom maps and has been designed to feel very much like a CRMOD deathmatch server. To allow players to customise the server to their liking many options are votable. This server provides a great venue for matches between the european and USA players and is the USA HQ for the FFA tournements.

Requirements: If you don’t already have them, and don’t have a Quake engine that autodownloads the maps for you we recommend you avail yourself of the Euroquake Map pack from
Command line: connect
Command line 2: connect

Port 26001: RQuake Coop

Think you can take on those easy old  Quake Monsters? Think again, this Coop mod written by Rocket guy and Lardarse allows you and your Quake buddies to go to war on the Quake Monsters, but these guys are quicker, stronger and meaner than in normal quake. Based on RuneQuake you can vote on additional weapons (for example vote-hook or vote-alt-weapons) if you wish but with the custom map sets it;s a challenge for newbies and pro’s alike. Simple download the map pack, connect to the server and battle to your hearts content

Requirements: We have prepared a downloadable RQuake Map pack and are just looking for suitable repository. In the mean time look for the individual maps on Quaddicted or Our good friends over on QuakeOne,com have an installer which you should be able to download here. If all else fails as a starting point you could avail yourself of the Euroquake Map pack from
Command line: connect

Port 26002 – DeathMatch Plus (DMP)

(Video kindly provided by Q Mark, so a big thank to this prolific demo maker :))

This is version 2 of the original mod which used to be played on but updated by the very kind Zop (with a little interference from Mr.Burns). It adds new weapons, and powerups including the following

  • Trips wires,
  • Guided Rockets
  • Homing rockets
  • Times Bombs
  • Teleporting, Telefragging
  • BFG9000
  • Radio Tag Bombs
  • …and a whole host of Superweapons!!!
Requirements: It’s a server side mod so you don’t need to download anything other than any custom maps you may wish to play, but a few binds for things like teleporting, detonating the radio tag bombs and using the grappling hook would be beneficial. Just type Impulses in console to confirm what impulse you need to bind you keys to.Command line: connect

Port 26003 – Painkeep

(Video produced, with our thanks, by Q Mark)

ID’s own deathmatch mod for quake with new sounds, weapons, traps and custom levels it’s a must have for any self respecting Quake player. You start on a level which has multiple exits allowing you to vote with your feet for the most preferred level.There are additional map packs available and we intend to add the Nothing pack comprising of 18 additional Painkeep levels shortly. All you need is the Painkeep mod which is available free of charge.

Requirements: The client side Painkeep mod available from

Command line: connect

Port 26004 – Clan Arena (CAX)

Clan Arena. More on this mod can be found on the website here

Requirements: Install the Mod files and the Map pack from

Command line: connect

Port 26005 – Capture The Flag

This R00k’s CRCTF mod. More on this soon!

Command line: connect

Port 26010 – Random Mod Server

Current mod:


Port 26010 is a random mod port on the server as we will occasionally rotate the mod running between RQP, Beatdown Alley (BDA), and any other quality mod that we think will be warmly received, If you have any suggestions please contact the server admins who can review your suggestion
Requirements: A few keyboard binds like bnd x +hook, bind x rune-use, bind x rune-delete, and bind x rune-tell would be beneficial
Command line: connect


9/10/2013: Following player feedback the following changes have been implemented:

  • The number of available runes has been doubled,
  • None weapon Items on the level such as health and ammo now respawn
  • Exits should now teleport you randomly within the level.
  • some additional changes to pack dropping has been added .
  • Admins now have improved control over the server to ensure everyone can have some good natured fun.

Next on the this is to look at whether it is possible to have votable custom maps.

8/10/2013: The number of runes will soon be increased to allow for more players and greater selection on the server.

06/10/2013: following requests from beta testers the RuneQuake+ server has been updated with the following changes:

  • Runes should now drop instantly instead of having to wait
  • The Grappling hook has been added
  • Weapon Stay has been enabled
  • Rune dropping has been enabled.

My thanks to Beavis, Olden_tu and Gem from Quake.Shmack.Net for helping with the testing,

  1. Cobalt says:

    Heyas – Wanted to Ask Burns if he knows how to compile Runequake and what makefile does? Or anyone else there that might know? Tried to email Pol, not sure if it went thru…

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