Quake Magic Server Overview

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Quake, Quake Mod

A few years ago some of the admins (Peg, Pol, Corty) on the Bigfoot server decided to try and enhance the playing experience by offering additional commands and support for Admins and Players alike. They did this largely without modifying the server QuakeC code and instead used additional systems to facilitate this. If you would like to experiment with this for yourself the following servers have been equipped with “the magic” bigfoot.quake1.net flanders.servequake.com ffany.servequake.com newyork.servequake.com For those that may not have played on  a Quake Magic server before,  it may help to first open a Quake console and then enter the following command before pressing return

say !help

This should bring up the following option menu in your Quake console.

 |!help         |Invokes this page               |
 |!maps         |Shows all maps on server        |
 |!map mapname  |Vote for ANY map on server!     |
 |!fun          |Fun-o-Meter                     |
 |!heads        |Help for Head Hunters Mode      |
 |!tricks       |Help for the Trick Maps         |
 |!teamplay     |Help for teamplay (matchmode)   |
 |!arena        |Help for RocketArena mode       |
 |!settings     |Shows some basic client settings|
 |!proquake     |Keep your proquake up to date!  |
 |!msg          |Euroquake's in-game messageboard|
 |!msg blabla   |Saves "blabla" to messageboard  |
 |!time         |Shows a world-clock and gametime|
 |!pl           |Server-side Packet Loss         |
 |!servers      |Server-side Serverbrowser       |
 |!join x       |join server x    (see !servers) |
 |!view x       |spy on server x  (see !servers) |
 |!name         |Server-side NameMaker           |
 |!getmap       |Automatic Map Downloader!       |
 |!tourney      |Monthly FFA tourney information |
 |!powerups     |Vote multiple powerups at once  |
 |!fraglimit    |Vote for a fraglimit change     |
 |!timelimit    |Vote for a timelimit change     |
 |!mode         |Vote for a game-mode change     |
 |!runes        |Shows a list of all runes       |

The basic premise is to use the say !topic [option] format. So for example  if you wanted to see what maps were available on the server and vote for your favorite map (for this example we will assume you are looking to play on a small map called basewalk) you would do the following:

say !mapssay !maps -small say !map basewalk Once you know that the server has the maps you require you  can simply type..

say !map basewalk

…or whatever map you prefer. If there are multiple players on the server they will be asked to vote (say !yes or say !no) on the map you have just requested. If a majority vote in favour of your map the server will change the map. Similarly if you would like to check what server settings are in force you can type the following:

say !settings
Rather than provide an exhaustive list if the options available we suggest that you try to connect for your self and experiment with the options. If you need further guidance please contact one of the Admins.

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