Quake Reference – Custom Maps – Large

Posted: April 18, 2014 in Quake Maps, Reference

To try and help players identify some recommended and challenging maps we have listed below a few good examples that can be downloaded on line and played on servers such as Damage.servequake.com in the UK, flanders.servequake.com in Belgium, and NewYork.serveQuake.com in the eastern USA . We hope to provide download links shortly.

See also: Small Sized MapsMedium Sized Maps

ab2, androm9, baldm1, baldm3, bsp, cmt1, cmt3, cmt5b, crdm2, croctear, damaul7, dazdm12,


Download Map
Vote Command: death32c
6-10 players

death32c_1 Death32c_2
death32c_3 death32c_4

death, destyard, dranzdm6, dranzdm7, efdm12, fragtwn2, fragtwn6, fragtwn7, gmdm1, hipdm1, jaj1dm1, kikdm3, klzinsanity, omdm1, q1dm17, q1edge, q1_q3dm13, q3dm6qw, qffldm2, qffldm5, qtdm1, rocket,



Download Map
Vote Command: sofdm1
6-10 players

sofdm1_1 sofdm1_2
sofdm1_3 sofdm1_4

Download Map
Vote Command: sofdm3
6-10 players

sofdm3_1 sofdm3_2
sofdm3_3 sofdm3_4

, suburban, terror, toilet4, ukcldm4, ukpak1, ukpak3, ukpak4, ukpak7, zerdm2

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  2. […] Quake Reference – Custom Maps – Large […]

  3. […] Quake Reference – Custom Maps – Large […]

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