Polarites Quick Console Server List.

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Quake

In august 2011 A very generous player by the name of Polarite shared his utility for checking the status of servers with the general quake community. We provide it here as it will hopefully support online players and help them find other players online quickly and easily so that they can enjoy online multiplayer quake games. The utility takes the form of a set of QuakeC scripts that are executed from within quake by first accessing your Quake console and then typing in the relevant command


1. Download the installation pack from the Quake One Multiplayer online repo (download link) our backup repo (link) or Polarite’s site (link)

2. Open up the zip file and put the following 3 files in your quake/id1 folder:

  • servers.cfg
  • info.cfg
  • serversprint.cfg

There is a small friendly listing of the available servers and to bring this up each time you start Quake to act as a helpful reminder, add this line to your autoexec.cfg

exec servers.cfg

You can also simply type this at console : exec servers.cfg to start the list.

another method is to toggle the list by simply hitting the F9 key or type servers in your Quake Console.

If you want to check your favourite server, assuming it is on the listing, open console and type the exclamation mark plus the server alias (quoted in the list) before pressing return. For example is you wanted to check who is on the Coop server called Flanders in Belgium you would type the folowing


If any players were on that server it would display the details in your console.  If you then decided you wanted to join you would just type the server alias


Most of the main netQuake servers are accommodated including Shmack, Bigfoot, all the New York servers, all the flanders servers,  and many others.

Due to the ease of installation and use, we recommend this as  quick and easy means of getting involved with the online multiplayer scene. Thanks Polarite 🙂

  1. Polarite says:

    If I have the time I will spend some of it updating the list .

    • quakevoid says:

      Thanks Pol. I’m abaout halfway through adding the New york servers on and one or two others but let me know if this is of any use to you.

      Kind regards


  2. Cobalt says:

    DL Link not working

    • quakevoid says:

      Hi Cobalt,
      Thanks for letting me know about the link going down. I’ll let Pol and in the interim you should find 2 further links added for this file.

      Kind regards


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