FAQ – Damage / FFANY / Bigfoot / Flanders servers


This is a holding page for a forthcoming FAQ on the Damage, FFANY, Bigfoot and Flanders Quake 1 Multiplayer servers. It is currently a work in progress so please bare this is mind when reviewing this page.

Where are these servers based?

To try and accommodate players from multiple locations and encourage transatlantic battles the servers are located in the following locations:

Server Alias Location Connection Address Ports Mod
Bigfoot Holland Bigfoot.Quake1.Net 26000 FFA Mode (RQ)
Damage UK Damage.ServeQuake.com 26000 FFA Mode (RQ)
FFANY New York, USA ffany.servequake.com 26000 FFA Mode (RQ)
NewYork New York, USA newYork.servequake.com 26001





RQuake Team Coop

Death match plus (DMP)


CAX Clan Arena

Capture The Flag CRCTF

Random Mod (e.g Deadzone, RQP, etc)
Flanders Belgium Flanders.servequake.com 26000





FFA Deathmatch

RQuake Team Coop

DeathMatch Plus (DMP)


CAX Clan Arena


How do I connect to the server ?

Normally you would fire up your quake client (e.g. Proquake, Qrack, Darkplaces, EngineX, DirectQ, etc), drop in to your quake console and type the following command:

connect ServerName:PortNumber

Where ServerName is the name of the server you want to connect to and play, and PortNumber is the number of the port you want to connect to. By default Quake tries to connect to port 26000 but, as you can see in the listing above, some servers can have multiple different games and varieties of quake running on the same server just on different ports. So for example, if you wanted to connect to the Damage server in the UK you would go in to console and type:

connect damage.servequake.com:26000

Strictly speaking, if the server you want to connect to is on the default port of 26000 you don’t need to add the “:26000” bit at the end but you wont do any harm by adding it.

Are there any Custom Maps?

In addition to the standard ID maps that are available with the Registered version of Quake, the servers provide players with a whole range of custom maps in an effort to keep the game fresh, interesting and deter domination of a server. It’s should be noted the some mods will only play certain maps but nevertheless the maps are on the server.

We would strongly advise you to avail yourself of a wide range of quality maps to ensure that you don’t just get a blank screen when you connect to a server and don’t have the current map. To get you started you could download the EuroQuake Map pack from QuakeOne.com and install the map files in to your quake\id1\maps folder. Many clients now provide you with options to download missing maps automatically but although it is a 1 minute job you have to set this by hand. For example, if you are using the most recent versions of Proquake you have to change 2 settings.
You can easily do this firing up Quake, dropping in to console and typing the following commands:

cl_web_download 1
cl_web_download_url bigfoot.quake1.net/

The next time you are on a server and the map changes to one that you do not already have installed, Proquake will attempt to download the map from bigfoot.quake1.net, install it and reconnect you to the server so that you can join the game. Alternatively you can review our map reference pages and download them individually

Custom Map reference: Small, Medium and Large Maps



How do I change the map on an FFA server?

Normal FFA servers allow players to initiate a vote for a given maps and if the majority of players vote yes then the server will change (or “warp”) from the current level to the one that has been voted for. This is accomplished by joining the server, entering the game (usually option 2), dropping in to console and then typing the shortened name of the map you would like to play. So for example if you were playing Aerowalk and wanted to change the map to Ultraviolence then you would drop in to console and type the following:


For more information on the shortened names for maps please consult the Custom map reference via the links above.

Some servers such as FFANY, Damage and Bigfoot have additional features which we collectively term “the magic”.  This will offer players the opportunity to vote for even more maps that have been categorised and normally normally available via the normal servers. There are on screen menus to allow players to navigate through the various maps and these can be accessed via going in to console and typing the following

say !maps

If you find a map you like and initiate a vote for it players can say !yes or !no depending on whether they want the map changed or not.



Who owns/runs these servers?

A very generous and approachable player from Belgium called Polarite (all hail)

Are there any Admins in case I have problems?

Yes, Polarite, Peg, Mr.Burns and Sir Henry are able to administer the servers and try to keep them a nice place to play.

  1. Cobalt says:

    Glad you guys still have these servers up. If there is a need for any Quake C support / help or if your Quake C coder wants to hang out and talk QC, I started a new project on sourceforge [ https://sourceforge.net/projects/quake-c/ ] Its also got an email list, which is the main way to connect to the QC coders subscribed so far [ https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/quake-c-users ]

  2. Cobalt says:

    Ok. I had asked Pol a while back who he used to do the Quake C for the server and he said it was a guy called Amiga maybe? I would have contacted whoever it is directly if I knew for sure, but if one of you guys can pass the word to him, Id be glad to have him aboard.

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