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Polarites Quick Console Server List.

Posted: March 19, 2014 in Quake

In august 2011 A very generous player by the name of Polarite shared his utility for checking the status of servers with the general quake community. We provide it here as it will hopefully support online players and help them find other players online quickly and easily so that they can enjoy online multiplayer quake games. The utility takes the form of a set of QuakeC scripts that are executed from within quake by first accessing your Quake console and then typing in the relevant command


1. Download the installation pack from the Quake One Multiplayer online repo (download link) our backup repo (link) or Polarite’s site (link)

2. Open up the zip file and put the following 3 files in your quake/id1 folder:

  • servers.cfg
  • info.cfg
  • serversprint.cfg

There is a small friendly listing of the available servers and to bring this up each time you start Quake to act as a helpful reminder, add this line to your autoexec.cfg

exec servers.cfg

You can also simply type this at console : exec servers.cfg to start the list.

another method is to toggle the list by simply hitting the F9 key or type servers in your Quake Console.

If you want to check your favourite server, assuming it is on the listing, open console and type the exclamation mark plus the server alias (quoted in the list) before pressing return. For example is you wanted to check who is on the Coop server called Flanders in Belgium you would type the folowing


If any players were on that server it would display the details in your console.  If you then decided you wanted to join you would just type the server alias


Most of the main netQuake servers are accommodated including Shmack, Bigfoot, all the New York servers, all the flanders servers,  and many others.

Due to the ease of installation and use, we recommend this as  quick and easy means of getting involved with the online multiplayer scene. Thanks Polarite 🙂

Quake Console Commands

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Reference

Here is a list of some of the basic console commands you can use in Quake courtesy of Megazoid from QuakeTerminus. We will try to add to this as the need arises but this should be sufficient to give you a basic understanding of how to control your config

Console Commands:

color x y Where x = 1-14 and y = 1-14, x changes color of top and y changes color of bottom, if x is only specified then top and bottom are the same.

color 0 =colour0 color 1 =colour1 color 2 =colour2 color 3 =colour3
color 4 =colour4 color 5 =colour5 color 6 =colour6 color 7 =colour7
color 8 =colour8 color 9 =colour9 color 10 =colour10 color 11 =colour11
color 12 =colour12 color 13 =colour13 color 14 =colour14
+forward Move forward
+back Move backward
+right Turn to the right

Turn to the left
+moveright Strafe to the right
+moveleft Strafe to the left
+attack Attack
connect x (Where x is the server’s IP address) connects to server
crosshair x

x = 0 or 1 (off/on)
gamma x Changes level of brightness. Example:- 0.5 = lighter, 1 = normal, 1.5 = darker. (Doesn’t work in GL Quake)
Impulse x Where x = 1-255, mainly for weapons and cheats, listing for all impulses can be found in the next section below.
+jump Jump
+lookdown Looks down
+lookup Looks up
lookspring x Where x = 1 spring back, where x = 0 keep looking, when mouse button is released
messagemode Turns on talk mode
messagemode2 Turns on talk mode to teammates(people with same color pants)
+mlook Turns on mouselook
+movedown Swims down
+moveup Swims up
pause Pauses the game (will work in multiplayer on some servers)
ping Shows the ping of all players
playdemo file.dem Plays a recorded demo file
save Saves the game
say “xxx” Works the same as messagemode, except this is easier to bind a phrase to a key with
say_team “xxx” Says something only to your teammates
screenshot Takes a snapshot of the screen and saves automatically
scr_conspeed 500 Sets speed of raising and lowering the console, 500 is default
sensitivity x Sets sensitivity of mouse
+showscores Shows deathmatch scores
skill x Sets level of skill nightmare = 4, easy = 1
tell “playerx” “xxx” Tells only the selected playerx xxx
toggleconsole Brings down the console
+togglemenu Brings down the menu
vid_describemodes Describes possible video modes
vid_mode x Where x = 1-10, changes to selected video mode


Impulse Purpose
Impulse -1 Quad cheat (Single player only)
Impulse 1 Axe
Impulse 2 Shotgun
Impulse 3 Double barrelled shotgun
Impulse 4 Nailgun
Impulse 5 Supernailgun
Impulse 6 Grenade launcher
Impulse 7 Rocket launcher
Impulse 8 Thunderbolt
Impulse 9 All weapons and keys (Single player only)
Impulse 10 Toggle weapons up
Impulse 11 Get a rune (Single player only)
Impulse 12 Toggle weapons down
Impulse 20 Pass a backpack of 20 ammo of the current weapon (only works on some servers)
Impulse 21 Pass the current weapon (only works on some servers)
Impulse 22 Grappling hook
Impulse 23 Show flag status
Impulse 25 Display current team settings for the server. This shows what modes are enabled from the following:Health-Protect

Players receive no health damage from teammates’ attacks.


Players receive no armor damage from teammates’ attacks.


A player who attacks his teammate will receive the same damage the teammate would have received, had he not been protected.


Any player who kills his teammate will be penalized frags. The number of frags to penalize is adjustable by a simple edit in the teamplay.qc file.


Any player who kills his teammate will burst apart in a bloody mess.


Players will only be allowed to be certain colors. Team colors can be specified for up to four teams in the teamplay.qc file. Players who have illegal colors when they enter will be put into the team with the fewest members. Any player who changes team (pants color) will be fragged and their frag count is reset to zero.


Players will not be allowed to change teams.

Drop-Items (Backpack Impulse 20, Weapon Impulse 21)

Players will be allowed to drop ammo and weapons. IMPULSE 20 will drop a backpack and IMPULSE 21 will drop the current weapon. You can’t drop the axe or single-shotgun


Capture the Flag is active.

Impulse 31 Axe
Impulse 32 Shotgun
Impulse 33 Double barrelled shotgun
Impulse 34 Nailgun
Impulse 35 Supernailgun
Impulse 36 Grenade launcher
Impulse 37 Rocket launcher
Impulse 38 Thunderbolt
Impulse 39 Grappling hook
Impulse 69 Switches between supernailgun and thunderbolt
Impulse 99 Brings back coordinates
Impulse 146 Axe
Impulse 255 Quad cheat (Single player only)

Single Player Cheats & Secrets

Console Commands:

god turns on god mode
fly enables fly mode
kill commits suicide
notarget enemies don’t attack until provoked
noclip walk through walls
give s # gives # (where # = a number) of shotgun shells
give n # gives # of nails
give r # gives # of rockets/grenades
give c # gives # of cells
give h # gives # of health
give # gives weapon #
map e#m# warps to the episode and mission specified
impulse -1 quad cheat
impulse 9 all weapons and keys
impulse 255 quad cheat

Quake Magic Server Overview

Posted: March 9, 2014 in Quake, Quake Mod

A few years ago some of the admins (Peg, Pol, Corty) on the Bigfoot server decided to try and enhance the playing experience by offering additional commands and support for Admins and Players alike. They did this largely without modifying the server QuakeC code and instead used additional systems to facilitate this. If you would like to experiment with this for yourself the following servers have been equipped with “the magic” For those that may not have played on  a Quake Magic server before,  it may help to first open a Quake console and then enter the following command before pressing return

say !help

This should bring up the following option menu in your Quake console.

 |!help         |Invokes this page               |
 |!maps         |Shows all maps on server        |
 |!map mapname  |Vote for ANY map on server!     |
 |!fun          |Fun-o-Meter                     |
 |!heads        |Help for Head Hunters Mode      |
 |!tricks       |Help for the Trick Maps         |
 |!teamplay     |Help for teamplay (matchmode)   |
 |!arena        |Help for RocketArena mode       |
 |!settings     |Shows some basic client settings|
 |!proquake     |Keep your proquake up to date!  |
 |!msg          |Euroquake's in-game messageboard|
 |!msg blabla   |Saves "blabla" to messageboard  |
 |!time         |Shows a world-clock and gametime|
 |!pl           |Server-side Packet Loss         |
 |!servers      |Server-side Serverbrowser       |
 |!join x       |join server x    (see !servers) |
 |!view x       |spy on server x  (see !servers) |
 |!name         |Server-side NameMaker           |
 |!getmap       |Automatic Map Downloader!       |
 |!tourney      |Monthly FFA tourney information |
 |!powerups     |Vote multiple powerups at once  |
 |!fraglimit    |Vote for a fraglimit change     |
 |!timelimit    |Vote for a timelimit change     |
 |!mode         |Vote for a game-mode change     |
 |!runes        |Shows a list of all runes       |

The basic premise is to use the say !topic [option] format. So for example  if you wanted to see what maps were available on the server and vote for your favorite map (for this example we will assume you are looking to play on a small map called basewalk) you would do the following:

say !mapssay !maps -small say !map basewalk Once you know that the server has the maps you require you  can simply type..

say !map basewalk

…or whatever map you prefer. If there are multiple players on the server they will be asked to vote (say !yes or say !no) on the map you have just requested. If a majority vote in favour of your map the server will change the map. Similarly if you would like to check what server settings are in force you can type the following:

say !settings
Rather than provide an exhaustive list if the options available we suggest that you try to connect for your self and experiment with the options. If you need further guidance please contact one of the Admins.