Small Mod Compilation (SMC)

Please note that the credit for the SMC mod and the information below belongs to a german developer called Seven. To give you a bit of background, Seven built the mod over a number of years to harness the power of the Darkplaces Quake engine and deliver an updated and much enhanced player experience. He has been a significant contributor helping countless Quake players over quite some years on the site and the information below has been copied across for posterity as the site appears to have been in quite a decline for the last few years and we can’t afford for the information and Seven’s contribution to be lost.
We have nothing but good word to say about Seven and hopefully will be happy for us to keep this backup for the benefit of players in the future.

Over to you Seven…

Hello Quake Lovers,

The “small mod compilation” aka SMC started a few years ago with Footsteps + New fire + Nailposition-fix.
Over the years I extended it by adding new features.

Main target of the SMC is to keep the gameplay of original Quake, but bring new features / ideas to increase the playing experience and fun.

Many users also requested to add optional new monsters, because it blows new life into Quake and brings variation. In the meantime we have 18 new monster types and have thereby more than doubled Quake´s minions !

The biggest advantages of the SMC:

  • Almost all of its features (including the new monster types) can be enabled / disabled via cvars (please read the included readme.txt for details) so you can adjust Quake to your personal liking.
  • It works with all Quake maps (incl. mission pack 1 + 2) as well as ALL fan-made maps/episodes that do not include their own ‘progs.dat’. So you can enjoy this mod in hundreds and hundreds of maps.

Here is a quick overview of the SMC features:

Visual effects:

  • 3 flame types: polygon, sprite, particle flames (incl. fire and candles)
  • All particle effects reworked and enhanced (with various options to choose from)
  • Implemented Rain + Snow effects (with rain + thunder sounds)
  • Water / Lava / Slime particle splashes + sound effects (for all projectiles and entities)
  • Particle muzzleflashes and impact effects for weapons (also for monster weapons)
  • Player + monster bleeding when wounded and leave blood puddles when killed
  • Various additional gore / blood / flesh effects when shooting/gibbing monsters/corpses
  • Many new monster animations and new visual effects to make them more impressive
  • Flies buzz around corpses, gibs and zombies
  • Many new environment effects / sounds to make Quake more “living”/realistic in general
  • Added trails to monsters projectiles
  • Statue monsters have debris + dust particles instead of blood particles in MP2
  • Various extra visual and particle effects for player, monsters, teleporters, slipgates / gates
  • Additional underwater + inslime + in lava effects (colored view, dust / bubble particles)

Original Quake / Gameplay Bugfixes:

  • Fixed Quake’s original player pain sound bug in skill 3
  • Fixed Monster-count bug for swimming monsters
  • Fixed original ID1 fish model death animation bug
  • (Super)-NailGun’s nail position correction
  • Fixed zombie and mummy flesh-projectile spawn-position for 2nd attack animation
  • Fixed projectiles “interact/explode on sky” bug (aka “solid sky bug”)
  • Fixed tarbabies original Quake: They no longer get stuck on ledges and steps
  • Option to disable the *bleeding* of shootable buttons and secret walls/doors/explo-boxes
    Mission Pack 1:
  • Fixed hipdemo1.dem missing music bug
  • Fixed DP related bug that deals damage from rubbles even though they are lying on the floor
    Mission pack 2:
  • Fix for Darkplaces buzzsaw not moving bug
  • Fix for Darkplaces Lavaman projectile “stuck in walls” bug
  • Fix for Darkplaces Plasma Gun projectile not moving bug

Additional features:

  • New CSQC-HUD with additional features and layouts to choose from
  • Optional NEW Monsters:
    —> Afrit, Carnivean, new Dog, Defender, Demon head, Eliminator, Ghost servants, Hydra, Necromancer, Pyro, Reiver, Spider, Teneb, Torment, Warlord, Yakman, new zombie
  • Multiskin / Multimodel support for monsters. You can now use multiple monster skins/models at the same time
    —> Added a “Starter Kit” with all necessary files, that fully supports it is included for your convenience
  • Monster sizes are adjustable
  • Pain skins for all monsters (independent to used skin or model)
  • Monsters can be inflamed with explosive weapons (running around in panic)
  • Shalrath + Spider can jump and hang on ceilings (also when starting a map to suprise the player from above)
  • Optional modify monsters frequence to go into pain animation. As well as running/shooting animation speed
  • Optional make soldiers aim better depending on played “skill” -level
  • Optional make hellknight and wizard projectiles home midly depending on played “skill” -level
  • Optional modify / edit monster skin colors and/or size randomly (for higher variation in-game)
  • Various additional weapon special-effects
    —> Added a “Weapon Starter Kit” with all necessary files
  • Added idle weapon animation feature + freely position your weapons feature (works with all models)
  • Visible weapons (vwep’s) in 3rd person mode and in 1st person mode mirrors / reflections
  • Added adjustable Gyro physics: Monsters, gibs and backpacks interact with liquids and weapon projectiles
  • “Ragdoll” for corpses
  • Weapon recoil feature (pushes the player slightly backwards when shooting)
  • Added footstep (player and monsters) and water wading sounds
  • Added switch-weapon sounds
  • Option to adjust view-weapons & monster transparency
  • 2 different flashlights to choose from (classic + cubemap): impulse 30
  • Kickable / shootable / eatable gibs and heads + all gib properties are adjustable now (duration, quantity, animation)
  • Additional animated heart gib
  • Corpses can be gibbed, burned in various ways
  • Nails stick in Walls (with adjustable lifetime)
  • Added additional cheats “kill all monsters”, give all powerups, etc.
  • Crucified zombies are now shootable / killable
  • Added support for adding models + sounds + effects into maps via ent files (without edit QC)
  • Added Zombie, ogre and mumies enhanced aiming (taking z-direction into account now)
  • Monsters / corpses / gibs interaction with lava + slime (particle effects and skin changes)
  • Exploding boxes spawn burning debris chunks
  • Possibility to see transparent view-weapons during invisibility time
  • Powerup countdown on screen
  • Adjustable weapon autoswitch behaviours (when picking up new weapons)
  • Different custom backpack models (for enforcer / grunt / ogre)
  • Different custom animated health + megahealth models (adjustable for different world types)
  • Added 6 new after-death-animations (selectable via cvars for each monster + randomness options)
  • Monsters have individual impact sounds, when their corpses fall onto the floor
  • Adjustable ‘earthquake shattering’ when shambler and Torment dies and falls
  • Fully adjustable player and grunt shell casings
  • Monster-clone feature (multiply enemies in a map)
  • Adjustable teleport / beam feature for wizards and demons
  • Slowmotion effect (when monster die or are gibbed, etc.)
  • Lightning gun killing animation (monster are coaled and crush into pieces)
  • Random slight earthquakes to increase ambience and thrill
  • Visible player body/legs when looking down
  • New player effects when health is low, like:
    —> Hearing his own heartbeat at low health, that starts to pump quicker and louder when health gets really low
    —> Aiming (crosshair) starts to suffer when seriously wounded and gets worth when health gets really low
  • All monster properties are adjustable (like health and damage values)
  • All player weapon attack / damage values and max. ammo capacity are adjustable
  • Medikits + armor + ammo + backpack values contents are adjustable
  • Shalrath’s missiles are optionally shootable
  • Interactive crosshair, changes crosshair / color. Choose one of these features:
    —> aiming at monsters considering individual weapon range
    —> aiming at monsters considering monster_health (green: full health till red: low health)
    —> player health (green: full health till red: low health)
    —> dynamic distance scaling
    —> individual weapon crosshairs
  • Optional: lossless crates + backpack pickups (no waste for more ammo or health anymore)
  • Adjustable tilted torches (autodetecting algorithm to adjust torches in all maps)
  • monsters with fire-like projectiles and lava can inflame the player
  • monsters with acid-like projectiles and slime can poison the player
  • Flying dust, ember and other particles in maps (fully adjustable)
  • Changing players shirt color depending on used/picked armor
  • Use Mage weapon (Hexen) instaed of lightning gun (weapon properties/damage/ammo is identical)
  • Random audio taunts when killing or gibbing an adjustable monster-count in a given time
  • Random angled ammo and health boxes in all maps
  • “personal teleporter feature” (for new gameplay twists and more strategic combat): impulse 40
  • instant melee attack feature (Push key/button to perform a single axe swing at anytime): impulse 20
  • New HUD animations (spinning models, animated biosuit visor, powerup overlays, …)
  • War Cry scream for player
  • Optional weapon jittering for fast firing weapons
  • Blood splatters on HUD when gibbing monsters nearby
  • Added run+shoot feature for grunts/soldiers and enforcers
  • Kickable grenades for lots of fun
  • Adjustable player size (eye level)
  • RL & GL projectile explosions now spawn interactive blood splats from monsters and players
  • Option to disable shadows for torches (handy when using custom torch models with RT lights)
  • Option for old film / grain look overlay effect (like in old movies)

Find youtube sample clips about ALL the features in this dedicated SMC channel:

All source codes are included in the Download.
The SMC is developed and runs best with the DarkPlaces engine.


Some of SMC´s additional monster types:


UPDATE 20170816

Version V5.60 Release

Download the newest SMC versions from below link:
(Please READ the included readme.txt !)

Quake / Mission Pack 1 / Mission Pack 2

Have fun !