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Project: Deadzone2 Mod

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Quake Mod

Update (September 2014):

I regret to have to inform you that the coder no longer wishes to develop the Deadzone2 mod and the project  will therefore be shutdown until further notice. The information below will be retained for the time being in case it is of interest or use to anyone.

I would like to thank Painkiller for his contributions and wish him well in his future endeavours.

This is just a simple reference point for a project the team is looking at involving adding a new Quake mod to the New York suite of Quake servers. Deadzone2 will use the latest version of the RuneQuake Mod by Slot Zero as a baseline platform due to its stability, admin capabilities and feature rich environment. We are hoping that the finished mod will be a culmination of some of the best features 0f other mods such as RuneQuake+ (RQP) and DeathMatchPlus (DMP) along with some new ideas which we’ll announce as they come to fruition.

Custom Maps

To vote for any custom map listed below you would drop in to console, usually by pressing the tilde key “~” and type the name of the map you wish to change to before pressing return. For example, if you wanted to change to Aerowalk you would type aerowalk.If more than 51% of the players vote “yes” then the map will change
Aerowalk Aerowalk
Download Map
Vote Command: aerowalk
4-6 players
Basewalk Basewalk
Download Map
Vote Command: basewalk
4-6 players
castlex_1 Castlex
Download Map
Vote Command: castlex
8-12 players
Cleaver Cleaver (aka Cleaver Love)
Download Map
Vote Command: cleaver
8-12 players
aggressr Aggressorby Tyrann
Download Map
Vote Command: aggressr
4-6 players
dakyne_1 Dakyne
Download Map
Vote Command: dakyne
4-8 players
debello_1 Debello Quakero
Download Map
Vote Command: jvx1
4-8 players
edc_1 EDC (Eternel Dismemberment Complex)
Download Map
Vote Command: edc
2-6 players
efdm9_1 efdm9
Download Map
Vote Command: efdm9
4-6 players
gendm1_1 gendm1 (Trash by Gen)
Download Map
Vote Command: gendm1
2-6 players
ika_1 ika
Download Map
Vote Command: ika
2-6 players
 jvx1 jvx1 (GrayLiotta by JVDX)
Download Map
Vote Command: jvx1
4-6 players
kikdm6_1 kikdm6
Download Map
Vote Command: kikdm6
4-8 players
 North North (Somewhere in the North by Qurnel)
Download Map
Vote Command: north
4-6 players
 omdm1 OMDM1 (Blaze by ORL)
Download Map
Vote Command: omdm1
8-12 players
 sanity Sanity (When Sanity Ends by Borsato)
Download Map
Vote Command: sanity
6-10 players
 skull Skull (Skull hunt by Zaka)
Download Map
Vote Command: skull
4-6 players


ultrav (Ultraviolence)
Download Map
Vote Command: ultrav
4 players
This following listing is provided to allow players to familiarise themselves with the complete set of custom maps on the server that can be voted for::
Small Maps
13edge, aerowalk, aggressr, aghast, alkdm04p, auhdm2, baldm2, baldm5, baldm6, basewalk, bless, blizz2, bloodthirst, bsdm14, deceit, dm6ish, dm8, doomed, dranzdm5, e1m5duel, edc, fcastle, follie, fmc, gomdm2v2, hate, ika, jrdm1, jvx1, kjdm12, kjdm13, kjdm3, kjdm7, lacrima, lilith, mgdm2, nitrodm1, north, pkeg1, qcon1, rcdm8, rcdm9, reinc3, reinc5, rf2, rwild, safe2, skull, spank1, spirit1dm2, spirit1dm3, teritory, ukooldm2, ultrav, utressor, uzul, wworld01, xdm4, xdmend, xl1dm1, xl1dm2, xntrick, zerdm5, ztndm1, ztndm2, ztndm4, ztndm5

Medium Maps
a2, ac4, agenda, agent, alk08dm, alkdm02, asylum, baldm4, baldm7, baldm8, bovine, bsdm7, bsdm8, carddm1, castlex, chesdm1, cleaver, crdm1, dakyne, dazdm13, debello, disdm4, dm7, dmfdm1, dmfdm2, dokkur, domus, dranzdm8, dspdm6, efdm10, efdm8, efdm9, exdm5, factory3, ferrum, fij1, fort01, gaga, gendm1, gendm2, genocide, go2hell, gomdm4, gworld, headshot, hell, hook, imp1dm6, jaj1dm2, jndm6, kikdm6, klzdazdm1, klzvob, lundm1, madness, mk, mncrdrug, nindm2, nindm3v2, p3a, paingiver, qtdm2_ffa, qtdm3, ramses2, rcdm10, rcdm7, ritual, rm, safe1, sanity, schloss, shine, spd, spinev2, strmland, summer, trimp, ukooldm6, ukpak2, ukpak5, xl1dm3, xl1dm4, xl1dm5, zed2, zerdm1, zerdm3, ztndm3,Large Maps
ab2, androm9, baldm1, baldm3, bsp, cmt1, cmt3, cmt5b, crdm2, croctear, damaul7, dazdm12, death32c, death, destyard, dranzdm6, dranzdm7, efdm12, fragtwn2, fragtwn6, fragtwn7, gmdm1, hipdm1, jaj1dm1, kikdm3, klzinsanity, omdm1, q1dm17, q1edge, q1_q3dm13, q3dm6qw, qffldm2, qffldm5, qtdm1, rocket, sofdm1, sofdm3, suburban, terror, toilet4, ukcldm4, ukpak1, ukpak3, ukpak4, ukpak7, zerdm2

Weaponry, powerups and Ordinance

Item Description Usage Mod
Touch of Death rune Once you have picked up this rune you simply need to touch your opponent in order to frag them. Activate as soon as the rune is picked up Deadzone
Laser Gun Fire 2 laser pulses per shot at your opponents. Once you have picked up the super Shotgun (ssg) press 3 twice to select your alternative weapon

Ammo Cost: 5 cells per shot

Tripwires Players can place up to a maximum of 3 tripwires on walls and doorways to catch out unsuspecting enemies. Once the appropriate rune has been picked up use the “rune-use” command Deathmatch Plus
Deadzone Features Coming soon:

  • Napalm Rune
  • Thor Rune
  • The ability to become Monsters (Knight, Shambler, etc) on certain Maps Health and Ammo Stations on Certain Maps to improve balance.
  • Fighting Fish Launcher Rune
  • Scrag Flight Rune, Fiendachu Rune, Vore Rune. Hell Knight Rune. Queens Knight Rune, Pavlov’s Dog

Note: To avoid confusion, some players may recognise some of these features as they were later added to the RQP mod, although it may have been via a different implementation.

RQP Features.

Coming soon:

  • Beatdown Alley launcher
  • Trojan Horse Rune
  • Personal Space Rune
  • Richochet Rune
  • Gravity Launcher Rune
  • Bazooker Rune
  • Luddism Rune
  • Flea rune
  • Rocket Splat Rune Death Spots (5 maximum) Clone Rune V2
  • 10 Ton Man rune, Defuse Rune, Armpit Mount Rune, Rune Snatcher, Flubber Rune, Uber Rune

Not Used:

  • Demolition Rune, Guided rockets and Tripwires as DMP has an alternative implementation
DeathMatch Plus features coming soon:

  • Homing Rockets (Impulse selectable ONLY)
  • Guided Rockets (Impulse selectable ONLY)
  • Teleportation (with settable targets which can be used for telefrags)
  • Radio Tag Bomb (Increased ammo cost)
  • Timed Bombs (similar to std RuneQuake)
  • Admins can place entities anywhere on a map to improve balance and minimise camp spots/bottlenecks
  • Admins can access Ghost mode in order to perform admin tasks or police the server without disturbance/loss of frags/etc


How do I change the ID map currently being played Fortunately the server has a built in voting system that enables players to vote for the desired map. This is done by typing the name of the map in the console and then pressing return. If the majority of players agree with the vote, i.e. they type yes in the console, the server will change the level to the one selected.
Syntax: [MapName]
Example: e1m7
Are there any custom maps and how do I find out what maps are available and select them? The server is currently loaded with dozens of playable maps and although the vast majority are currently only selectable by the admins, a listing and voting system is being developed to mirror the ID map voting System above. To list the custom maps that you can vote for use the custom command. Custom map voting currently takes the form outlined below and if 51% or more of the players vote in favour of the map change then it will be changed automatically by the server to the chosen level:
Syntax: [MapName]
Example: aerowalk
How do I turn on/off the Quad Damage? Removing certain elements in a Quake map can change the balance and gameplay, introducing new challenges requiring differing strategies. If the map normally has a Quad Damage on it you can vote for it to be turned on/off.
Syntax: Vote-Quad
Example: vote-quad
How do I turn on/off the Pentagram of Protection? As above, removing certain elements in a Quake map can change the balance and gameplay, introducing new challenges requiring differing strategies. If the map normally has a Pentagram of Protection on it you can vote for it to be turned on/off.
Syntax: Vote-Pent
Example: vote-pent
How do I find out what voting options are available on the server? The developers behind this and the RuneQuake Projects have been working hard to make the server as usable as possible and offer you a wide range of voting options. To view the options go in to your Quake console and use the syntax below before pressing return.
Syntax: Vote-Help
Example: vote-help

Change log

20/1/2014. The laser gun on Alt-weapon 3 has been updated to use 5 cells per shot instead of 5 shells.

19/1/2014. The Touch of Death fault observed on the server during testing last night has now been fixed and re-uploaded to the server

15/1/2014. The following changes have been added to the mod and has been uploaded to the server this evening

  • The Tripwires originally from Deathmatch plus have been ported to Deadzone2. Previously these were activated by an impulse (17?) but now they will be set use the “rune-use” feature as most players will normally bind this to a key (bind x rune-use). At present players are allowed a maximum of 3 Tripwires at any one time.
  • The Deadzone laser gun has been added to the mod. This replaces the lava gun and is activated by selecting Alternative Weapon 3 and will require 5 shells for each shot. The weapon has a small recoil action or “kick” to it at the point of discharge. After play testing this may be changed if required. Damage: 8-10 hits should kill a player with no powerups/shield
  • To help new players a small unobtrusive message notifying them of their weapon changes has been added so that it appears on the top left of the screen.

11/1/2014. The map-auto.qc has been put together for all current maps on the server and integrated in to the mod. In practical terms this means that the custom maps on the server should now be viewable using the command “custom” and should each be votable by typing the map name in lower case. A Testing session has been arranged for 10:30 om GMT on Saturday 18th January 2014.

6/1/2014. The following changes have been added to the mod and the mod uploaded to the server

  • The player connect and disconnect sounds have been changed to what was used on the original Deadzone server
  • Added the Touch of Death rune
  • Work has begun on the DMPlus / Deadzone’s implementation of trip wires.

5/1/2014. There is a new version of the server in the pipeline which includes the changes below. The mod files are expected from the Dev team shortly and will be added to the server on receipt.

  • The following maps have been added


   More Details and download links will be added to the table custom maps table above shortly

  • The amount of connect time required to go from Observer to Player has been reduced from 15 seconds to 5 seconds.
  • The additional maps have been added to the Admin Menu change level command.  This means that we now have a total of 18 levels with room for 6 more (in the Admin Menu).
  • One of the popular features used on the RQP mod was the onscreen countdown timer and sound indicating when time is running out on a level. This has now been added

3/1/2014 There have been several updates today which have been successfully tested and added to the server

  • Voting capabilities for 10 custom maps listed above added to the server.
  • Anti Grenade Spam added to the server to limit spam to 5 grenades in order to improve gameplay, encourage fair play and reduce lag.
  • Anti Betty Spam added to the server as above.
  • Welcome message updated and added to the server.

1/1/2014 The test mod has been added to port 26010 of the New York Server. to connect type the following in console:



  1. The Gas Grenade option has been changed to provide a multi warhead “betty” explosive, rather than gaseous, payload. the main reason behind this is to try to reduce any potential for lag and avoid the temptation for abuse.
  2. A draft welcome screen has been added
  3. All voting options now tested successfully

29/12/2013 A fresh download of Slot Zero’s RuneQuake mod has been compiled and an initial test weapon added. This will be added to a port on the server with the following cvar settings: Deathmatch: 195

1 items such as armor, health, ammo, powerups respawn
2 Weapons stay instead of being picked up. You can only pick up a particular type of weapon once. Ammo respawn times are halved
64 Exit attempt doesn’t kill you

noexit: 9

1 exiting levels not allowed
4 randomize level selection
8 select level by number of players

temp1:  330784

32 The number of runes to be available in any one level
1024 Use random rune models
2048 fast rune spawn
262144 free hook
65536 no rune drop delay

scratch1: 128

128 custom exits


Server Owner: Polarite
Server Admins: Polarite, =peg=, Mr.Burns
Mod development: Painkiller, with some contributions from IEEE for RQP, Zop and Steve McFadden for DMP and Slot Zero for RuneQuake
Mod Testing: Polarite, Dude, Mr.Burns. Sir Henry and =Peg=
Web Page and general dogs body 🙂  : Mr.Burns