Making an AVI Quake Video


The following guide is based entirely on posts from very generous and supportive players from the QuakeOne community:
ProQuake – A player and developer called Baker on the Forum back in April 2007 (source).
Darkplaces – A Quake Player and artist called Talisa.
It is supplied here in the hope that it will help the creative members of the Quake comm unity to produce interesting videos and game footage that may be of interest to others. It is hoped that as further engines acquire this functionality this guide can be broadened to include the appropriate instructions.

Making a simple Quake Video

I believe these instructions work perfectly for Qrack and JoeQuake 0.14 and JoeQuake 0.15, but I used JoeQuake 0.14 because that is what I have always used for AVI demo capture.

1. Record your demo or demos.
2. Make sure you have either the DIVX or XVID codec installed on your PC, otherwise your resulting videos will be huge (gigabytes!). You should be able to obtain the DIVX codec at the following address –

3. Start up JoeQuake 0.14 (for example using the command line parameters c:\quake\joequake-gl.exe -width 640 -height 480 -bpp 32) , one loaded open your Quake console and do the following:

capture_codec “DIVX” // XVID codec is better

bind “[” “capture_start mysegment1”
bind “]” “capture_stop”
This instructs your quake engine to use the DIVX codec and assigned 2 keyboard keys to allow you to control the capturing of the demo.

4. Play a demo using play demoname and press “[” when you want to start recording and “]” when you want to stop. the output will be in c:\quake\capture\mysegment1.avi.

5. For segment 2: type …

bind “[” “capture_start mysegment2”

6. Play a demo and press “[” when you want to start recording and “]” when you want to stop. The output will be in c:\quake\capture\mysegment2.avi.

7. For segment 3: type …

bind “[” “capture_start mysegment3”

8. Play a demo and press “[” when you want to start recording and “]” when you want to stop. Output will be in c:\quake\capture\mysegment3.avi.
At this point you might want to concatenate your vidoes or add effects and titles. There a number of commercial packages to do this or you could use a free application such as VirtualDubMod which will at least allow you to piece the footage segments in to one video. If you do not wish to use  VirtualDubMod pleqase skip to step 15

9. Get VirtualDubMod, it is free and open source (not trialware!). Download link

10. Start VirtualDubMod

11. Click “Video” -> “Direct Stream Copy”

12. Click “File” -> “Open” -> Select the file c:\quake\capture\mysegment1.avi”

13. Click “File” -> “Add Segment” -> Select the file c:\quake\capture\mysegment2.avi”

13. Click “File” -> “Add Segment” -> Select the file c:\quake\capture\mysegment3.avi”

14. Click “File” -> “Save As” -> Save file as mymovie.avi

15. Upload the video to YouTube or Google Videos.

16. Done


Q. How do I make the Quake guy show up in my video?

A. chase_active 1

Q. How do I hide the weapon model that appears in the front of my normal player view?

A. r_drawviewmodel 0

Q. How do I hide the HUD (health & ammo display)?

A. viewsize 120

Q. How do I hide the on-screen game clock in top right in Qrack/JoeQuake?

A. scr_printstats 0 (Qrack and JoeQuake 0.14) or show_stats 0 (JoeQuake 0.15)

Q. How do I keep printed messages from appearing?

A. con_notifylines 0


Additional Settings for use with the Qrack Engine (courtesy of Yellow No5)

Q. How do I turn off the centerprint messages that normally appear in the middle of my screen?
A. cl_nocenterprint 1

Q. How do I turn off the audible beeps that are triggered when someone chats in game?
A. cl_mute 2

Capturing using Darkplaces

As far as we are aware the DarkPlaces does not have an AVI capture feature and we have been unable to find any information to the contrary on Lord Havoc’s DarkPlaces site. DarkPlaces has significant advancements in graphical capabilities from some Quake engines and so is a popular engine for artists to showcase their wares. One popular means of doing this is to use a video capture application such as Fraps (website) . They even do a try before you buy option but that does apply the limitation of a maximum length of 30 seconds.

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