Quake Map reference – Standard Maps

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Quake Maps

Do you ever find yourself trying to remember the name of a quake map? ever find yourself saying “you know the one with the walls, oh it’s got that sky thing too” ?  Well fear not, whether you want to improve your Quake knowledge, see what you’re missing if you only have the shareware version, take a trip down memory lane or just look cool in front of your Quake buddies then this reference page for ID’s standard maps may be the page for you  :o)

START Introduction

Episode 1 Maps

E1M1 The Slipgate Complex

E1M2 Castle Of The Damned

E1M3 The Necropolis

E1M4 The Grisly Grotto

E1M5 Gloom Keep

E1M6 The Door To Chthon

E1M7 The House Of Chthon

E1M8 Ziggurat Vertigo

Episode 2 Maps

E2M1 The Installation

E2M2 The Ogre Citadel

E2M3 The Crypt Of Decay

E2M4 The Ebon Fortress

E2M5 The Wizard’s Manse

E2M6 The Dismal Oubliette

E2M7 The Underearth

Episode 3 Maps

E3M1 Termination Central

E3M2 The Vaults Of Zin

E3M3 The Tomb Of Terror

E3M4 Satan’s Dark Delight

E3M5 The Wind Tunnels

E3M6 Chambers Of Torment

E3M7 The Haunted Halls

Episode 4 Maps

E4M1 The Sewage System

E4M2 The Tower Of Despair

E4M3 The Elder God Shrine

E4M4 The Palace Of Hate

E4M5 Hell’S Atrium

E4M6 The Pain Maze

E4M7 Azure Agony

E4M8 The Nameless City

END Shub-Niggurath’s Pit

Deathmatch Levels

DM1 Place Of Two Deaths

DM2 Claustrophobopolis

DM3 The Abandoned Base

DM4 The Bad Place

DM5 The Cistern

DM6 The Dark Zone

Full credit and thanks to Baker, Slot Zero and RuneQuake.Com for their images and original idea.

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