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RuneQuake Getting Started

Posted: August 11, 2013 in RuneQuake
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One of the most patronised netQuake servers in North America is the runequake server at What’s RuneQuake you may well ask. Well some years ago a group of talented individuals decided to enhance their playing experience by providing additional code modifying the Quake servers to enable new and different features.

These “mods” brought infinite diversity to the game and the RuneQuake Mod does this by allowing the players to pick up artifacts in the game called runes which would give them a variety of weapons, powerups and special abilities.

Basic things you need to know:

  1. Runequake is a server side mod so there is nothing for clients to download, just fire up Quake, connect to the server and you’re normally good to go.
  2. To connect to the runequake server, start your Quake engine, drop in to console using the tilde key, and then type the following:
  3. There are other servers such as also allow the players to turn on the runes via the vote-runes command.
  4. The runes are randomly spread out around the level and you pick then up by walking over them. Assuming you are not already carrying a rune, the new rune will be automatically picked.
  5. Some runes are enabled automatically from the point you pick it up but some need to be “activated” in order for the powerup/weapon/etc to become active. To use your rune type the following in console

    Note that it’s more practical to bind a key to do this so drop in to console and type the following

    bind x rune-use

    Where “x” is the key you want to assign to the rune use function. The next time you press tnat key in game Quake will attempt to activate or use the rune you are currently carrying.

  6. If wish to change the rune you are carrying you need to drop it and pick up another one. To drop your rune go in to console and type the following

    Once again, its more practical to bind a single key to do so drop in to console and type the following

    bind x rune-delete

    Where “x” is the key you want to assign to the rune-delete function. The next time you press that key in game Quake will attempt to drop the rune you are currently carrying thus leaving you free to pick up another one.

  7. You will notice that the RuneQuake players often use a grappling hook to move around the map quickly, reach difficult places and on occassions use it as a weapon to inflict a small amount of damage on their opponents. To use the grappling hook point your player to the area you want the hook to attach to and then drop in to console and type the following:

    As with the previous examples you are recommended to bind this to a key so drop in to console and type the following:

    bind x +hook

    Now every time that you press that key in game it will fire the grappling hook and try to attach it to whatever you were aiming at. If you let go of the key the grappling hook will release.


There’s a lot more to add but the above should be the bare minimum to get you started.

Humble Beginnings

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Quake

Well here we are. My first Quake related blog! Why am I doing this for an old first person shooter game from 1996? It’s a fair question, and the simple answer is whilst trying to be an active and (sometimes) contributing member to what’s left of the Quake community on both sides of the Atlantic, it has become clear to me that at least that one thing that is missing is a semiĀ  organised place for me to place some useful information and in turn somewhere for players to go to get answers to some of those questions that are asked time and time again.

I’m hoping that, with time, work and real life permitting I can put finger to keyboard and hopefully help someone on their way to improving their Quake experience. I’m no Quake expert, I’ll leave that to Rook, Spike and Golden Boy (who also blogs here) but let’s give this a go and see how far this rabbit hole goes.

Time will tell I guess :o)

10th August 2013 – Standard Map reference added