Humble Beginnings

Posted: August 10, 2013 in Quake

Well here we are. My first Quake related blog! Why am I doing this for an old first person shooter game from 1996? It’s a fair question, and the simple answer is whilst trying to be an active and (sometimes) contributing member to what’s left of the Quake community on both sides of the Atlantic, it has become clear to me that at least that one thing that is missing is a semi  organised place for me to place some useful information and in turn somewhere for players to go to get answers to some of those questions that are asked time and time again.

I’m hoping that, with time, work and real life permitting I can put finger to keyboard and hopefully help someone on their way to improving their Quake experience. I’m no Quake expert, I’ll leave that to Rook, Spike and Golden Boy (who also blogs here) but let’s give this a go and see how far this rabbit hole goes.

Time will tell I guess :o)

10th August 2013 – Standard Map reference added

  1. Hello Monty (aka Mr. Burn)

    I’ve just found your Blog and like usual it is very interesting.

    To say thanks I’d like to share these 2 videos you recently helped me with… thanks again and keep the fokin good work 😉

    PainKeep 2.0

    DM Plus

    Q – Mark [0!0]

    • quakevoid says:

      Thanks Mark, As you will probably notice I have inserted these videos in to the Ffany/New York Servers thread as they provide players with a helpful walk-through of the features.

      • Hi Monty 😀

        Well well this place (blog) is much better thant the last time I came you been doing a great job.

        Thanks for sharing the videos.

        I’m going to grab this… such a nice buch of pictures!!

        Thanks and Happy New Year 2014 to you and all the followers.

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